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What Podcast Host Is Right For You?

In today’s ever expanding podcast boom there are many podcast hosts to choose from but which host is right for you? This decision can be overwhelming but the amount of choices/competition is a good thing. In the end this gets the customer better service, features, support, and pricing. We have worked with many different hosts...

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Four Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Host Read Ads When you close your eyes and imagine yourself as a successfully podcaster this is surely what comes to mind. If you listen to podcasts you will notice most of your favorites do plenty of ad breaks and promo codes. If your podcast is getting in the 10’s of thousands of downloads per...

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podcast studio

Is A Podcast Studio Right For You?

Before getting into this article I would like to get some things out of the way before the haters. Yes this article is coming from a podcast studio so you may think it’s biased but we will try to remain as unbiased as possible. Yes a lot of the things covered here may seem obvious...

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