Before getting into this article I would like to get some things out of the way before the haters. Yes this article is coming from a podcast studio so you may think it’s biased but we will try to remain as unbiased as possible. Yes a lot of the things covered here may seem obvious but hopefully some people reading will still find it helpful. 

Reasons To Use A Podcast Studio
  • Trial – Many people want to give podcasting a try but do not know if they want to commit to doing it every week. In this scenario using a podcast studio will actually be cheaper than doing it yourself.
  • Location – It can be way more professional to invite a guest or co host to a podcast studio rather than to your home. Clean, quiet, no distractions, or perhaps an easier drive.
  • Not Tech Savvy – Producing a podcast yourself takes some technical skill. You must know how to work a camera, lighting, audio, editing, & posting. This can be daunting, overwhelming, and not to mention time consuming. Using a studio makes it so you don’t need to think about this stuff, you show up and let the studio worry about the technical part.

  • Equipment – While you may have your own setup it is most likely not as good as the dedicated podcast studios available for rent. If you have a special guest you may want to step it up for an episode or two.

  • Expertise – You may be doing everything yourself but there is always knowledge to be gained in this ever expanding field. Take some tips from people who do this full time and you may just learn a thing or two.
Reasons Not To Use A Podcast Studio
  • Budget – Using a podcast studio is more expensive in the long run than buying your own setup. In a studio you will most likely get better equipment, an engineer and peace of mind. If you are on a budget and plan to do a podcast for the long term, a studio is probably not the best choice for you. If you have all the money in the world it is way cooler to get your own personal setup and engineer that is customized to your liking. Most of the time when using a studio you are using the equipment they picked and the setup they have laid out. While this isn’t a bad thing you will notice most of the biggest podcasts have their own set.

  • Particular – Briefly mentioned above, at a studio the layout and equipment is already set, at our studio we get requests frequently to move the furniture around or for the customer to bring in their own furniture which is not worth the hassle for  most  studios.  
  • Uniqueness – If you do a video podcast and use a podcast studio you will have the same look as all the other podcasts that record at that studio. While many people do not mind this or even like it some may want their own set.

  • Mobile – If you travel to each guest to record your podcast using a studio would not work. Some studios (us) offer a mobile recording service.
Hotel Room Setup

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